Staying In The Fancy Homestays With Cheap Price As 3 Below Places Will Make You Surprised A Lot While Visiting Hoi An.  

Staying In The Fancy Homestays With Cheap Price As 3 Below Places Will Make You Surprised A Lot While Visiting Hoi An.  

Hoi An is not a strange and new place for those who desire to visit Vietnam. It is one of the most attractive destinations where there are many interesting perspectives waiting for you to explore. Hoi An is so famous of the cultural beauties of Vietnam. Coming here, you will be diving into many interesting stories which are told by Hoi An. Don’t need to stay in the central where there are a lot of people, staying in the countryside as these 3 below recommendations will bring interesting experiences to you. Fancy homestays have cheap price, are you excited to try it?

  1. Mina Le Villa Hoi An

Coming to Mina Le Villa, it’s like staying in the countryside with green space and fresh atmosphere. From the moment you arrive, everything here will make you really impressed and excited because of its peace and natural beauty. Although it will take you about 30 minutes to the central by walking and about 15 minutes by bicycle, this place is very deserved to experience as a local people.

You don’t need to stay in the central with many people. Coming to Hoi An where you should take more time to relax and feel the nature, let’s choose somewhere like this to experience its peaceful beauty to the fullest.

Everything here is very comfortable to have a relaxing stay. Large space, comfortable beds, clean rooms, cheap price… are the basic things that you will see in Mina Le Villa. In addition, you will easily try many local foods in this area with its original taste which is hard to find in the central.

Mina Le Villa is one of the favorite places where many visitors desire to stay with nature in Hoi An. Its good services, great hospitality, friendly people… made many people love Hoi An more and more. Let’s come to experience.

Address: 155 Nguyen Duy Hieu street, Cam Chau ward, Hoi An town

Phone number: 02353 666 567

Price: 120.000 VND/dorm bed (about 5 USD) and about 500.000 – 1.200.000 VND/private room for 2 – 6 people (about 20 – 50 USD). Breakfast will be served with extra fee.

  1. Melody Boutique Villa

Look at the photos as below, Melody Boutique Villa is probably one of the favorite places where many visitors desire to stay and have relaxing time. Even though it doesn’t have central location, but it would be very amazing to enjoy the local life in this area.

Fancy and luxury are the words that I put for them. It will definitely make you impressed a lot from the first moment you see it. Staying in a villa with cheap price and good services, you will be extremely excited and love it a lot.

Let’s leave the busy cities to feel Hoi An to the fullest, you will own everything which is not easily found somewhere else such as nice view, local area, green space, comfortable beds… Come to this villa to experience.

Address: 3 Phan Ngoc Nhan street, Cam Ha ward, Hoi An town

Phone number: 0973 771 325

Price: 100.000 VND/dorm bed (about 4 USD) and from 270.000 – 500.000 VND/private room (about 12 – 20 USD).

  1. Blue Lake Homestay 

Homestay in Hoi An is one of the rarely places where it doesn’t only have peaceful space, fresh atmosphere, fancy decoration, good services…, but also has very cheap price to make everyone easily enjoy and choose it to stay while coming here.

Blue Lake Homestay is not in the central area, but there are so many local things which make your trip much more interesting than staying in the central. However, it will just take you about 15 minutes to the ancient town by riding a bicycle. In this area, it would be great to enjoy the local life at night with peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

It is like staying at home with this common space and you can do everything you want. Look at the photo as below, you will definitely have relaxing time and feel really comfortable to enjoy your trip in Hoi An. In addition, the staffs here are very helpful, you will have many local things as well as local foods to experience while staying here.

Address: 2 Thanh Hoa street, Tan An ward, Hoi An town

Phone number: 02353 921 429

Price: 130.000 VND/dorm bed (about 5 USD) and from 300.000 – 600.000 VND/private room for 2 – 4 people (about 13 – 25 USD).

Hoi An is known as an ideal destination of Vietnam tourism. Coming here, you will be lost into the wonderful beauties as well as the local foods. Vietnam has become an attractive country because of Hoi An. Let’s come to experience.

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