Top 10 Best Local Foods That You Should Not Miss In Ha Giang 

Top 10 Best Local Foods That You Should Not Miss In Ha Giang 

For you, if Vietnam is an ideal and attractive country to visit because of many beautiful landscapes such as islands, beaches, rice fields, mountains, forest, national parks…, you will be really excited and curious a lot while hearing about Ha Giang – the Northernmost city of Vietnam with many majestic and chill passes. Coming here, you will be diving into its wonderful beauty and don’t want to leave because of not only about the landscapes, but also many kinds of local food which make you love it a lot. Let’s see top 10 best local foods as below to know what to eat while coming to Ha Giang: 

  1. Banh cuon – Steamed rice roll

The first food in this list should be “Steamed rice roll” which is one of the most common ones in Ha Giang, you will easily see it everywhere in the local restaurants.

The main ingredient is rice roll which is made by rice flour and steamed within about 2 minutes. Then being rolled with mushroom, pork and chicken egg.

Steamed rice roll will be just made right after your order, so you will be needing to wait for it in a few minutes if you want to try the hot one.

In addition, rice roll is used with the local soup which is mixed with many spices. It depends on your taste, you can make it yourself.


Banh cuon “Ba Lan” 

Address: 166A Ly Tu Trong street, Minh Khai ward, Ha Giang city

Banh cuon “Ba Ha” 

Address: Ancient town, Dong Van district, Ha Giang city

  1. Pho – Beef or Chicken noodle

In Vietnam or some countries in the world, Pho is not actually a strange or new food. This food is known as a national one in Vietnam. However, each region has its own taste and it is so different. Coming to Ho Chi Minh or Ha Noi, you may love it a lot because of its tasty soup. Coming to Ha Giang, let’s try it one more time to see the difference and how special it is.

The main ingredients are chicken or beef, rice noodle, carrot or fresh papaya pickle, cilantro… There are 2 kinds of soup that you can choose: the sour one and the normal one.

Dong Van district is the place where Pho is so popular with many local restaurants in the ancient town area. In addition, Dong Van district is also a choice for many travelers to stay because of its convenience to visit many places in the Northernmost area.


Pho “Giang” 

Address: 511 Nguyen Trai street, Nguyen Trai ward, Ha Giang city

Pho “Ancient town” 

Address: Ancient town, Dong Van district, Ha Giang city

  1. Bun suon mang – young bamboo and pork soup noodle

Young bamboo is one of the common things in Ha Giang. It is mixed and used to cook many kinds of different food. In Dong Van district, young bamboo and pork soup noodle are very attractive for many local people or travelers.

Look at the photo as below, it looks so attractive and tasty because of the ingredients. It is very easy to eat and the taste is not strong or smelly like others. In order to make it tastier, you just need to add some papaya pickle, lime, chili or pepper.


Thuy Luan “restaurant” is one of the most common local restaurants that you can try. It just takes you about 2 minutes by walking from the ancient town. In addition to this kind of noodle, “Steamed rice roll and porridge” are very deserved to try here.

  1. Chao au tau – Water caltrop porridge

Water caltrop is a kind of vegetable which is planted in the highland area. It is very useful to be used as a medicine.

In order to make water caltrop porridge, it will take the local people a few days to clean it with water first. Then being boiled in many hours to make it soft. The taste of it is quite bitter, but very good to try it with porridge and pork. For those who are not used to cook it, it is very hard.

This food is only available in the highland area as Ha Giang. Don’t miss this experience as exploring one of the most special foods in Ha Giang as “water caltrop porridge”.


Chao au tau “Ngan Ha” 

Address: 161 Tran Hung Dao street, Nguyen Trai ward, Ha Giang city

Thuy Luan restaurant

Address: It is nearby the ancient town (2 minutes by walking). This place is very famous of many local foods, you can ask someone in case you can’t find it.

  1. Bun cha – Rice noodle and grilled chopped meat 

If you used to spend some days in Ha Noi and try many kinds of local food in this city before, “Bun cha” is not a strange and new one for you anymore. Actually, the taste of it in Ha Giang is not really different, but very deserved to try.

The main ingredients are rice noodle, papaya and carrot pickle, some kinds of vegetable, grilled chopped meat, roasted pork… It is especially used with the local fish sauce in the North.

Look at the photo as below, it looks so attractive and delicious. Let’s experience and feel how tasty it is while coming to Ha Giang.


Bun cha “Tan Son”

Address: 69 Le Hong Phong street, Minh Khai  ward, Ha Giang city

  1. Do nuong – Barbecue food

Coming to the highland area, the weather is so cold at night time and very chill in the winter. Therefore, it would be amazing to have a small barbecue party with pork, chicken, beef, corn, mushroom… which are totally from the gardens or mountains of this region. Especially, drinking some beer with it will make you extremely excited.


Anh Em Barbecue Beer Club 

Address: 414 Ly Tu Trong street, Tran Phu ward, Ha Giang city

Barbecue Dong Van district

Address: This district is not touristic like other cities, so barbecue restaurants are not available. However, you will easily find the local one which is opposite “Hoa Cuong” restaurant. Let’s find and ask the local people about the way to go there.

  1. Thang co – Horse hotpot 

In Ha Giang or somewhere in the highland area, “Horse hotpot” is a very common food which is a favorite one of many local people. Besides horse hotpot, this kind hotpot is usually cooked with pork, beef, chicken… but horse is still the best one to make it special in Ha Giang.

Horse meat is probably hard for those who are not used to its taste or never tried it before. However, if you don’t mind about this, just try and experience how different and special it is.


Address: Ancient town, Dong Van district, Ha Giang.

It would be very amazing to try it in the highland area, so let’s experience this kind of local food and enjoy the cold weather in Dong Van district.

  1. Xoi ngu sac – 5 colors sticky rice

This is a kind of traditional food of H’Mong ethnic people in Ha Giang. It has 5 kinds of different sticky rice with 5 colors and each one has its own taste.

In order to try this food, you should wait for the local market which is only opened on Sunday morning following the culture of H’Mong ethnic people. Besides that, you can also join the local market to see many interesting things.


This kind of food is very common and special with ethnic minority people. Let’s come to Dong Van district, go to the local market and try it from H’Mong ethnic people.

  1. Thang den – Vietnamese floating cake 

“Thang den” is a kind of street food which is so attractive with many local people and travelers while coming to Ha Giang. It is very common in the South, the North as well as Ha Giang province. Each region has its own taste, so don’t miss it.

It is made by rice flour. The main ingredients inside are green bean, ginger, peanut, sugar… It would be great to try it at night time or whenever you feel cold. Besides many main foods as above, a bowl of “Vietnamese floating cake” is a good choice as a change after trying heavy foods. Let’s experience how special it is.


This is a kind of street food in Ha Giang. It is very famous, so you will easily find it everywhere in Ha Giang city or Dong Van district.

  1. Ruou ngo – Local corn wine 

Coming to somewhere in the world, you may like to try the local beer in that region. However, beer is not common in Ha Giang province. Instead of drinking beer, “corn wine” is a replacement which is very strong and tasty.

It is cooked by local people, so you will easily see it everywhere in the local restaurants or someone’s house. If you are a person who love drinking wine, this one will not make you disappointed. Let’s try it while coming to Ha Giang, it’s also available in every district or small village.


Coming to Ha Giang, corn wine is available everywhere. You will easily find it in the restaurants, let’s ask to try some wine while coming here.

Ha Giang is actually very wonderful because of its natural beauty. Moreover, it is still very desert and not crowded like other places in Vietnam. Although there are still many limits about transportation or social network, however, it is very suitable for those who desire to be diving into the nature. With the above recommendations, you will probably have an interesting trip in Ha Giang.

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