What To Eat In Da Lat City? – Foods And Dishes You Should Not Miss When Coming To Da Lat

What To Eat In Da Lat City? – Foods And Dishes You Should Not Miss When Coming To Da Lat

Da Lat is a very interesting destination for those who desire to be diving into the beauty of majestic mountains, cool weather, beautiful landscapes. Especially, this is also a region which has many kinds of food that you should try while coming to Da Lat. Let’s see what it has as below recommendations: 

  1. Banh Uot Long Ga – Chicken Steamed Thin Rice Pancake 

Steamed thin rice pancake is one of the most common food in the South of Vietnam. You may see and try it somewhere such as Ho Chi Minh city, Can Tho city… Coming to Da Lat, this kind of food will make you extremely excited because of its taste.

The main ingredients are: Steamed thin rice pancake, chicken, onion, some vegetables… The most important thing of this food is the local fish sauce, it actually makes everyone attractive when trying its taste.


Banh Uot Long Ga “Long”

Address: The alley 202 Phan Dinh Phung street, Da Lat city. If you come here at high time, there will be no available table to sit. You should choose another time.

  1. Banh Can – Mini Pancakes With Meatball Sauce

This kind of pancake is the most common local food in Da Lat city. Coming here, you should not miss it if you are a fan of local foods.

The pancakes are made from rice flour. There are two options that you can choose: quail eggs or chicken eggs. The most important spice makes it tastier is the local fish sauce or anchovy sauce.

The weather in Da Lat is cool in the whole day, so it would be amazing to try something hot like this.


Banh Can “Nha Chung”

Address: Nha Chung street, Da Lat city.

  1. Banh Mi Xiu Mai – Vietnamese Meatball Banh Mi (Bread)

Vietnamese Meatball is one of the most common local food of Vietnamese people in the South. It is used with Banh Mi (a kind of bread).

This kind of food is easy to eat, you don’t need to add anything into the bowl. It has a very amazing taste made by local people in Da Lat. Many Vietnamese people desire to eat it while visiting here because it is not common in other regions.


Banh Mi Xiu Mai “Thu”

Address: 2/2 Nguyen Van Cu street, Da Lat city. This place is nearby Da Lat market.

  1. Lau Bo – Beef Hotpot

Da Lat city is a famous place of cool weather in the whole year, so something hot is always amazing for those who want to enjoy the weather to the fullest. Beef Hotpot is one of it, this kind of food is also a local one which is beloved by many Vietnamese people.

The main ingredients are beef, noodle, many kinds of local vegetable…

Lau Bo “Ba Toa” is the most famous and traditional place in Da Lat city, it is always crowded because of its good taste and attraction.


1/29 Hoang Dieu street, Da Lat city. Many places have the name “Ba Toa”, you should ask someone clearly about this place as long as the real address.

  1. Lau ga la e – Chicken Hotpot 

Chicken hotpot is also an attractive local food in Da Lat. Besides trying beef hotpot, this fool will also bring exciting feelings to you because of its taste.

The most important ingredient of this food is from “La E” which is a kind of local leave. This food is from the Middle of Vietnam but very famous and developed in Da Lat. La E makes the taste of soup sour which is a characteristic of this hotpot.

Coming to Da Lat, you should not miss it.


5 3/4 street, Da Lat city.

  1. Kem Bo – Avocado Ice Cream 

Now is the turn of desserts. Kem Bo is the first name which is mentioned about the desserts in Da Lat. Avocado is one of the most common fruit in this region, so its smell is very aromatic and attractive.

The main ingredients are avocado, ice cream, peanut, milk… Let’s try and feel how special it is.


Kem Bo “Thanh Thao”

Address: 76 Nguyen Van Troi street, Da Lat city.

  1. Banh Trang Nuong – Grilled Rice Paper

This kind of food is famous everywhere in Vietnam. It is actually from Da Lat, so it would be amazing to be able try its original taste in this city.

The main ingredients are rice paper, chicken egg or quail egg, cilantro, onion, pork, chili sauce… All of it are mixed and grilled. This food look so attractive for those who are a big fan of street foods.

You will easily see Banh Trang Nuong everywhere on the street, especially in Xuan Huong lake. Let’s try it and have a cup of soy milk. It would be an interesting experience.

In addition to many kinds of local food, Da Lat is very interesting to see and enjoy its beauty. If you are planning to visit somewhere, how to use transportation… you can go to the website of tourism agencies to give a visit.

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